Tiger Lily Vegas

What does it all mean?


Tiger Lily Vegas. It was the name of a cat.  In college, maybe senior or super senior year (yes, I took a victory lap), my friends and I illegally had a cat in the dorms and it lasted a few gloriously scandlous weeks. Considering virtually everything was against the rules at our tiny, conservative, Christian college, this was a big deal. 

I wanted to name her Tigerlily. The guys wanted to name her Vegas (we were big into the movie Swingers back then). We compromised on Lily Vegas and, after we got caught, she lived out her days on my family’s farm, having babies, killing rodents and living the life fantastic until a car squished her. I’m not a cat person but I had an affinity for Lily Vegas. 

I have a lot of these stories. I’m hoping they resonate with you, pick you up, make you think, make you hurt, make you feel or just give you something to do for five extra minutes on your lunch break.